Advantage of Playing Action Games

Action is a genre for software-based and online games which just seems to never get old. So many people are hooked on games like these, such that there have been several versions and companies launching games with similar patterns in terms of ammunition, objectives, environments, and the like. What sets these games apart from one another, apart from their titles, are the personnel you have to take the identity of, the ammunition available, and the setting. infinite warfare is a testament to the popularity of these kind of games. This Call of Duty version is actually the 13th one, since the game released the first version way back in 2003. call-of-duty-infinite-warfare-official

While there have been several kinds of first-person shooting games that are made available on the market, one of the most popular definitely has to be Call of Duty. As a matter of fact, apart from having previously launched 12 spin-offs or versions of the game, it has went on to sell as much as 175 million copies around the world, making it one of the most iconic first-person shooting games to have ever been out in the market. Their latest version gives users the opportunity to venture out into missions based outside of planet Earth, giving them the chance to travel from one system to another.infinitewarfaredislikeheader

Despite its popularity, some people tend to view computer games as one which is a waste of time. If you’re one who loves to play, you’d most definitely think otherwise. So, what are the advantages, or what can you get then, from playing action games?


This is the first obvious reason as to why action games – or even video games in general are popular. Many people find this as a very fun and fulfilling way of killing the time. There are also several stages in the game which keep you motivated to actually play hard and work. Moreover, there are also a lot of amazing ammunition which would be accessed at higher levels, thus giving a constant feeling of thrill and curiousty among players who decide to actively engage themselves in the game.

Enhancement of Thinking Ability

This is one of the more subtle advantages of getting to play action games. While it may not be obvious, and while it may not necessarily be marketed for it to do such a thing, people’s way of thinking is actually improved. In order to be successful in the game, you have to employ certain strategies in order for you to win. This is a trial and error process, but users are often left fulfilled the moment they win, and subconsciously considers it a learning experience for them, which they could most easily apply to more practical situations.

More Friends 

Despite the fact that this game is a first-person game, people are still able to mingle with others through online connectivity, which is most especially true for the latter versions of the game which have multiplayer game play settings as well, which provides room to develop teamwork and effective team communication.


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