Awesome Post-Pregnancy Massage

After giving birth, most new mothers feel exhausted both physically and mentally, and any form of body relaxation can prove heavenly for them.  Post pregnancy massage is one of the ways a mother can ease stress and transition from prenatal to postnatal. There are soreness and aches to deal with; the stomach is full of the wind, which needs to be removed using the most recommended post pregnancy massages.  If the wind gets stuck in the womb, the stomach can remain permanently bloated.

There are several changes which happen within the body of a mother after birth can only be taken care of by a post pregnancy massage.  This massage is done immediately after birth to make sure that the placenta then comes out fully and to help ease stress, fatigue, headaches and postpartum depression.


After the placenta is out from the womb, the postpartum recovery begins. If you are giving birth for the first time, this might prove to be an intense and dramatic period where you will have an emotional and dramatic adjustment. That is when the post pregnancy massage comes in handy to make sure that all the placenta leftovers get out, and the uterus goes back to its pre-pregnancy size and shape.

Immediately the mother gives birth, the skin around the stomach is loose, and the abdomen is flaccid. The stretch marks might prevent the skin from regaining its original firmness. Organs like intestines and bladder may in the process be displaced, and the body massage might just be what the mother require to put them in place.

The post pregnancy massage is an important procedure, especially in the uterus. After birth, the mother continues to have what is known as after-pains, which are caused by the contractions of the uterus as it relocates itself to the pre-pregnancy shape and size.  Another post pregnancy pain comes from severe cramping, caused by the milk production hormone which activates the contractions of the uterine. The contractions are an essential part of post pregnancy  asthey help in expelling any remaining clots, uterine tissues, and controlling hemorrhages at the site of the placenta.


Though the post pregnancy massage immediately the placenta is discharged can be very painful, it is very helpful as it will encourage the flow of natural post pregnancy discharge and uterine involution. It is done in a clockwise direction on the abdomen, using small circular kneading strokes by the mother herself.

It is advisable that the postnatal massage should be performed 2 -3 weeks after giving birth, and until the discharge is pale. In case the mother underwent C-section, care has to be handled with care so that direct pressure on the scar does not happen and the mother is comfortable with the whole procedure.

After delivery, a mother might feel fatigued due to sleepless nights, hormonal adjustments, musculoskeletal pain, discomforts and by- products of labor. The baby nursing effects/impact/, and the round the clock taking care of the baby too can be taken care of by the mother going for the postnatal massage to relax her body.

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