How To Bag Your Highest Score In Color Switch

Color Switch tests a person’s patience and reflex, both. The sync between brain and mind must be excellent. In fact, Color Switch can make the practice better. In Color Switch, one has to simply bounce a ball in the upward direction and pass through the obstacles by matching the colors. Unless the player plays the game in the Reverse mode, the ball always needs to be pushed upwards. However, matching the color is important otherwise no score would be counted, also the game won’t advance. Although it’s a smartphone game, but online platforms like port the game in an online platform for everyone’s playing.

Here are a few tips on how you can bag your highest score in Color Switch in a short time.

Learn Slowing Down

Being able to proceed through the game at a faster pace is fine, but there are times when the player should slow down to keep the ball afloat and to stay alive. Hitting the obstacle walls trying to be faster doesn’t help.


Pause Button Helps

After playing the game continuously for a while, it’s natural if the fingers ache. The pause button is placed at a convenient location so that players can take a break, freshen up their minds and come back to play the game again. However, the color scheme of the button often makes people miss it.

Breaks would help

Taking breaks in between levels or challenges is a good idea. Why torture yourself when it’s just a game and meant for fun?

Dying a Lot is Okay


No one becomes perfect in their first few attempts of Color Switch. It’s okay if you die a lot, maybe in all your attempts. Keep playing, everyone gets better through playing.

Mute the Music, or Reduce the Volume

The music is very distracting, apparently that’s the developer’s trick for making the game more challenging. For a better experience while you’re a newbie, turn the music down.


These five tips, and your first high score is on its way!

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