Beginners: How To Grow Marijuana

Marijuana is a mixture of dried leaves, flowers and stems which come from the Cannabis plant. It is legal in some places to use it for medical purposes. It is famous for it’s mental and physical effects. It is usually smoked by rolling it inside cigarettes. Once smoked it reaches its peak after half an hour.

In this marijuana growing guide we are going to show you how to grow marijuana. The most important thing before growing marijuana is to decide which variety you are going to grow. The quality and yield of the plants are dependent on few factors. Some of which are whether seeds were used to grow the plants or clones, the variety of the seed, the time period after which the flowering of plants is started and the climate condition of the room in which they are grown.


The number of people growing marijuana themselves has grown enormously in the last few years. If grown correctly the quality of marijuana is way better than what is sold on the streets. Strong artificial lights are required to match the outcome of the sun. The powerful the light is, the better the results. The lights are usually powered by hundreds of watts of electricity. The most common light used is High Pressure Sodium (HPS). Although some people also use LED and fluorescent lights successfully.

The plants should be kept at least fifty centimeter away from the light and they shouldn’t come in contact with the hot light. You can also find special air cooled lights in the market which keep the heat from the light away from the plant and keep the room cool. The room temperature should be kept between 25-degree to 30-degree celsius for the best results. If the room gets cooler then it can cause the growth of the plants to slow down. The plants also need constant fresh air.



The seeds can be germinated using various methods. One of the best method is to put the seeds one centimetre inside the damp soil. After keeping them that way under a temperature of 20-degree to 25-degree celsius they should germinate. In the starting, plants can be kept under low intensity lights.

Flowering Phase


To get the plants into flowering phase the daily light has to be reduced to twelve hours. This stage usually lasts for two months. The plants start to gain bulk and can be kept under high intensity light. You can also add some extra light for the best results. When this phase ends the plants are cut down and it’s buds need to be dried.

A longer vegetative growth results in the plants being two to three times larger and yields are also more during the flowering phase. Vegetative growth is usually done for three to six weeks. If you want faster production then you can reduce the vegetative growth period, but the yields will be low or medium due to it. This method is known as Sea of Green (SOG).

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