Which Are The Best Minecraft Serves In The Market?

Which Are The Best Minecraft Serves In The Market?

With the continued uptake of the Minecraft pocket edition among kids, Minecraft is set to continue taking the gaming world by storm.  This is despite the few connectivity issues brought about by gamers picking out the wrong servers for the game.  If this is the first time you are experiencing server errors then you should know that it is because not Minecraft servers are the same. To be safe, here are some of the best Minecraft servers you can use for optimal Minecraft game experience.

Best Minecraft Pocket Edition Server List


  • Stratus Frontier: This server targets the more experienced Minecraft players. Stratus Frontier gives Minecraft players the virtual ability to own businesses and influence everything that is within the virtual society. This means that if you have a business in Minecraft, you can hire employees, do trade deals among many other things.
  • Avenge Tech: Itis one of the most active servers and is ideal for casual players. It is open to everyone and offers team base mode. In this mode players coordination skills are tested to the limit with players requiring to fight to the top of the service ranking and win the crown.
  • PigRaid: is a friendly server of community players who are always open to welcome new Minecraft gamers with activities and features to try out. It has all the game modes (creative and survival modes) plus ranking system to keep the server active.


  • Cubeville: is the ideal server for family use. Cubeville serve creates an ideal safe environment for kids and adults to enjoy the game and not be concerned about online threats. The Cubeville Staff also actively participates in the game and help virtual gamers to understand how the game is played including defining its modes.


Through researching more, you can add to the list of Stratus Frontier, Avenge tech, Pig Raid, and Cubeville servers.

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