Best Pet Tracker Devices

With the coming of some of the best, not so subtle and advanced GPS pet trackers you have do not have run after your pets to trace their location and save their lives.  Pet trackers have become popular because of the multifaceted features like waterproof quality, easy connection with smartphones or laptops via the apps and long battery life. Following are the five best rated pet trackers that have taken down customers’ reviews and features of pet tracker devices.

  1. Paw Tracker: This device determines the location of your pets via the GPS satellites. It is light in weight and comes in different designs and colours. It can connect to iOS and other Android devices through the pet tracker apps.


  1. Nuzzle: this is like smart collar that will keep you abreast of the whereabouts of your pet with the use of Bluetooth, an activity tracker and GPS. The gadget is fastened to the collar but can also be fitted to your collar. The use of relevant apps can help you determine temperature also. A geofence is set up to notify you whenever your pet flees away.
  1. GiBi pet locator: It is a robust, light, waterproof pet tracking device that operates via GPS and GiBi’s app which rests on its online browser. The connection with your mobile or computer through the internet will help you track down your. The device allows setting up safe zone and as soon as your pet leaves those boundaries, you will be alerted with emails and texts. The pet locator is attached to the collar.


  1. Marco Polo Pet Monitoring System: This system is one-time investment as there is no need to pay monthly service fees. This system entails a hand-held portable tracker, charger and collar tags. The collar tags can be used for medium and larger pets. The system can track the pet upto the distance of 2 miles according to the type of obstructions and terrain. It has a long battery life. You are supposed to set up a safety zone and you are alerted within 80 seconds if your pet crosses the border of safety zone. There is no need of internet connection.
  2. GTU 10: It is a tiny, .light and water resistant pet tracker. It can be attached to the collar, backpack or any other part you wish to. You have register with Garmin account and then activate it to get a one year standard tracking .


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