Buying Quality Lol Accounts From Trusted Stores

As one of the most established and trusted League of Legends accounts store, we have helped buyers to get the lol accounts easily and without hassle. We provide Lifetime Warranty which has helped players trust us for this Warranty and we also provide 24 x 7 customer support service. Our lol accounts are of the highest quality and we have made many customers happy with our service. Our swift and prompt service has earned good reviews from our customers. Make sure that you don’t compromise on quality when you open an account. Once satisfied with our service you will come to us every time you make a purchase. You can check the number of five star ratings we have received from our satisfied customers.

Guarantee for Lifetime


The lol accounts services help players to obtain clean and new account for play. The lol accounts come with Lifetime Guarantee. As a buyer you deserve the best and that is why our accounts come with Lifetime Guarantee. To make use of the Lifetime Guarantee, you have to forward the reason for the ban and a copy of the ban should also be forwarded to us. Make sure that you had played a minimum of one match after purchasing the account. The Lifetime Guarantee can be availed only once and only for reasons like “Purchase of an Account” or other equivalent reason. The intellectual property used on the League of Legends site remains with the Riot Games.

Safe and Secure Information

When you buy a lol account with us, you will have to impart basic information to us such your email. This is only for internal purpose such as sending you information about your account, details on accessing the new account and how to contact us for further queries. We also send details regarding any updates and new service for your information. You can select any region from our store according to your convenience and also select your currency according to what you use.


We have PayPal mode of payment which ensures that all details regarding your accounts are required at a basic minimum and ensures all details are safe and secure.  For your convenience we have listed a few questions that new buyers frequently ask. You can refer to them whenever you have any doubts regarding the purchase. League of Legends is a great game that has many fans across the globe inviting people of all ages to play the game. As a new entrant you will also have a great time with your lol account.

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