Who Commits Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud is committed by both the beneficiaries and health care service providers. There are several  examples which are out there during Medicare fraud defense cases that prove that both the lender and the receiver of the policy are victims of Medicare fraud. Even with the health care being the most regulated and sanctioned industry in the USA, it still faces so many fraud cases.

Examples of Medicare Frauds


  • When you alter receipts or medical bills
  • When you head to the emergency room yet you are going to get controlled drugs
  • When you file for claims of a service which was not received
  • When you fail to report other insurance of health that you have
  • When you submit claims for family members who are ineligible for the service
  • Getting multiple prescriptions using different doctors
  • When you use another person’s medical record to obtain claim or treatment

Going through the above, it shows that both the healthcare and beneficiaries do engage in Medicare fraud. There are several things which you can do to help curb this menace which includes:

  • Make sure that your Medicare insurance is safe and nobody else can access your card
  • Your policy number and insurance details should be your secret. Avoid giving them to telephone solicitors and other unauthorized personnel


  • In case of misplacing your insurance card or losing it, make sure you report it immediately to your insurer
  • Make sure that you are well informed and keep track of medical services which you receive and cross check all bills you pay. If for any reason you are not sure of what you are seeing on your invoice, ask questions.
  • Claim forms should be filled one at a time
  • Never involve yourself in free tests or services which are normally offered by fraudsters

Get it right, know your rights as far as health care is involved to avoid being a victim of Medicare fraud.

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