Dining Room Decor Techniques


Which is the one room in the house which always fascinates the inner creative genius of an interior designer? A room that spills out elegance and panache from every fiber of its being, a place that represents the unity and congregation of a family, a place where food and merriment is served and laughter and stories are exchanged! Yes, I am talking about the dining room and all that it represents within the four walls of a house. Dining room decor is absolutely critical because the dining room single-handedly brings the entire family together and strengthens the bond shared by each member over scrumptious meals cooked with love and affection. Tales of daily happenings are shared over cups of tea and newspapers adorn the dining table like flowers adorn a vase. This is why it is quite obvious as to why this room captures the fancy of every interior designer. The décor of the dining room can add vibrancy and color into the daily lives of every family member, as it is the most frequently visited room in the house. Let us now look into the various techniques that can add more life to a dining room.Additional-Home-Interior-Design-Ideas-with-Dining-Room-Design

Décor techniques:

The basics in dining room décor involve simple steps like decorating the table with a vase and covering it with a beautiful tablecloth. This tablecloth should encompass the mood that one intends to portray through the décor and it should match well with the color of the rest of the room. One can also add a splash of color to the wall by hanging a ribbon or using a wallpaper. A dash of paint wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Lighting plays a critical role as well and fancy lamps and overhead lighting can add a touch of modernity and finesse to the décor. One can also add a rack to display antiques or fancy dishes. After all, nothing makes a style statement like displaying a fine collection of dishes.dining-room-design

One should never omit the fifth wall which is the ceiling! A designer can unleash his/her inner artist by decorating the ceiling with unique architectural paintings or customized artwork. Another key factor in dining room décor is a chandelier. A chandelier is a hallmark of a breathtaking dining room and one must invest energy into choosing one that blends well with the rest of the room. Apart from artificial lighting, one must also look into the sources of natural lighting. The color and positioning of the curtains and drapes play a major role in this. Another tip will be to make use of an elegant rug, rich draperies or an exquisite China cabinet to add a tinge of luxury to the room. Natural elements like plants can also bring freshness to the room and they make excellent centerpieces.

What is dinner without a wine tasting? One can epitomize sophistication by maintaining a wine storage cabinet and host magnificent wine tastings for everyone to enjoy. Clearly, the dining room has an allure that no other room possesses! Its décor speaks volumes about the house and the taste of the owner and it is essential to strike the right balance between luxury and extravagance. Designers are adept at breathing life into a room with their décor and all we need to do is hand over the reins to them. After all, the dining room is where every family comes together and bonds over meals and one must leave no stone unturned when it comes to deciding its look and feel. So, does your dining room reflect your personality yet? Go ahead and give it that extra splash of color and decoration that it craves!

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