Downloading Infinite Rearm For Windows 7

People use various methods to activate their Windows 7; activation by internet, modem, phone or using Windows 7 loader download. The most popular among the options is the activation through internet. Unfortunately, there are some rare circum stances where all other options had failed for the user or they simply can’t use the other options because of a lack of product code. But there’s another method you can use, read on to find out just what is it.


Infinite Rearm Utility

  • Initially, you have to download Infinite Rearm, this application can be found just about anywhere on the internet, especially on Windows enthusiast sites. Keep in mind that if you don’t own an official copy of Windows 7 than this is considered illegal.
  • Once the program has finished downloading, you should be able to see a .zip file. Extract the said files on an easy location.
  • You should be able to see an installer on the extracted folder.
  • All of you have to do is open the installer and allow the program to make any changes on your laptop or computer.


  • From the Infinite Rearm’s menu itself, select option A and install it on your computer. Your laptop or computer should automatically reboot after the said installation.
  • Now, you can use the Windows operating system as you normally would. The Infinite Rearm should automatically reset your trial’s timer, so you basically have unlimited access to the complete features.
  • When the timer actually does run out on your Infinite Rearm program, then you can reinstall it. Don’t worry, the timer will typically run out, but you can always extend it by install and restarting the said program. After approximately 180 days, you will be asked to reinstall the programs so as to not let your Windows 7 expire.

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