Employment Center Job From Employment Agencies – Is It Really Helpful?

Every person needs a job to survive and to have a joyful life. We all are very well aware that now a day it is very difficult for the person even with right qualification to get the right job. So there are job employment centers that would help you to get the right job which you are suitable of.

pôle emploi offre d’emploi is mainly depends upon the skill of the person who wants the job. As they are helping you to get the job, so they take something in return. Yes, it is the commission fee; they will take when you meet the right employer. Basically, these job employment centers give you the job according to your skill and what you are capable of.


Job employment centers have formed in different countries to combat the unemployment and help the people to find the work according to their skill. Even though private agencies charge from the job seeker if they are successful in giving him the job but they are helping him to get the job which he will not find otherwise where as public job employment centers are also contributing to the same purpose but they are not charging anything from the employee.



As there are two different types of job employment centers public centers lists more of the government job as it is the government organization where as private job employment centers lists job which are temporary, permanent or are on contract basis mainly their jobs are based on private sector.


From the term it is very clear that public employment centers is the government organization to give the employers the employees with the required skill to join them. Many countries have public job employment centers to help the public to search the job. The public job employment centers lists more of the government jobs, provide more of the personal service and do not charge any fees as their real motive is to offer the job seekers the suitable job and not making profit.

Some of the public employment centers are Public Employment Service Center agency by the Philippines, Lithuanian Public Employment Service, Hello Work is the Japanese government’s Service Center, etc.



Similar to the public employment centers, they also help to give the employers the employees. But the main difference is that their motive is to gain profit. The other difference includes that private agencies do not list the government jobs and they charge from the employee if they provide him the job. They help the employer to find the suitable employees for their organization or companies but they also take their part from the salary given to the employees in other words they charge from the applicant or from the employer.

They help the person to find the job through the display of the lists of jobs or through any other medium. They offer the employment to the person which could be permanent, temporary or on a contractual basis.

Job employment centers whether public or private in different countries has been able to give the jobs to the people. You will find many jobs under these employment agencies. They also help you to get the training so that the employee would able to develop the necessary skill. Job employment centers have the last motive to give satisfaction to both employee and the employer in their own way.

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