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Are you aware of Gtst gemist? It is a pretty silly question to ask for individuals who have been following Dutch television for a long time. GTST or Goede tijden, slechte tijden is without any doubt the most popular daily television soap operas which have created a huge amount of buzz in Dutch television industry. The TV show has been successfully running for the past 26 years which is just an awesome achievement. Even though, the show is quite old but still it enjoys top ratings in Netherlands.

Gtst gemist is successfully produced by Joop van den Ende and distribution rights are owned by Endemol. The show is extremely popular in Europe and highly praised by individuals of different generations. It would not be wrong to state; one can easily kill his or her boring moments by watching the show. Goede tijden, slechte tijden is run for 30 minutes along with commercials and the show is on the air from Monday to Friday at 8pm. It is all about managing your timings to watch the show and have complete fun with your family. Even, if you have missed the show, you can easily approach the official website GTST Shortie and watch the videos of latest episodes anytime.


According to experts, this particular show has pretty unique and exciting concepts due to which it enjoys highest TRP ratings. You will be amazed to know; more than 1.5 million viewers watch the show and the number is growing with the passage of time. Gtst gemist is basically created by the Red Watson who belongs from Australia. Just apart from developing Gtst he is extremely popular for other soap operas like Prisoner and Neighbors. In 1977 he created Gtst and without any doubt, it was the most restless year of Red Watson.

Goede tijden, slechte tijden is being a writer by Rohan Gottshalk and for sure the show is one of the longest running shows in Television history and recently it completed 5,000 episodes on air. Basically, Gtst is a perfect family drama which has got a nice blend of many stories. Surely, you will not get bored for a moment while watching the show and it will serve as a perfect way to spend quality time with your family members and friends.

If you have like to enjoy Dutch television and never watched Gtst gemist, I must say your television experience is incomplete. With the show, you will enjoy the perfect combination of stories related to love, marriage, kidnapping, divorce, and hatred. The viewers do get glued to their TV screen while watching the show as there is always some sort of suspense added at the end which is more than sufficient to keep the excitement level high.


Gtst gemist is highly popular for unexpected twists and people do wait for the arrival of next show on the air. Definitely, the entertainment industry has changed a lot in last few years but Gtst gemist is one show which is still going strong for last 26 years.

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