Fifa 17 Ultimate Team Game: Make Plenty Of Fut Coins Every Day!

With the release of new FIFA 17 Ultimate Team game, ways of making money a.k.a coin for this game has gone viral. Of course one can pay real money for the coins and make good use of them on the game. However, if you don’t want to spend real money and have much time to invest on some efforts to earn or grab some coins and sell them into the right market for higher profit, then this article should provide a guideline for you.

We are about to discuss how to get free FUT coins but do bear in mind – it’s not really about making a bang overnight but starting low and eventually earning good amount of profits over long period of time.


How to Get Free FUT Coins

Here are some methods the expert FIFA Ultimate Team players may want to adopt.

  • Choose a popular player who would be worth a trade. Other FUT players wouldn’t certainly want to spend their coins on some player who really doesn’t bear much value. If you are a regular player of FIFA then the value estimation shouldn’t be difficult.
  • Once the player selection is done, do market research on him. There’s an average price to each player in the FIFA platform and you have to determine the accurate price. Overpriced players won’t sell, underpriced players won’t get you good profit.
  • Once the sweet spot in pricing has been located, calculate the 5% EA tax as well and adjust necessarily while making a sell. This is an important calculation to adjust the profit margin.


  • Set your target up to a profit of 200-300 coins per day. If the number of sales arise, the overall profit may go higher over time.


If you play FIFA 17 Ultimate Team then collecting free coins would probably be a concern. There are of course other ways, but these procedures are quite easy.

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