Free Caller Id Spoofing-What Is Means And How It Works

Are you looking to play the fun frank on your friends, relatives, or any other person you want? Are you want to tease them just by one call? If you are looking for the above then here is the best way to frank them. The best way to prank through the phone is free caller id spoofing. In this the receiving side number will see another unknown number instead of your original numbers. Many call spoofing id companies were established and developed every day.

All you need is to enter your number and destination number then type the number which you want to appear on the screen of the received mobile phone console. Some companies even bring cutting edge technologies in to the call spoofing ID market such as voice conversation from male to female or vice versa, providing the call recording option so that you can download the sound clip from their website and hear any number of times anywhere. All to need is to create an account in the free caller id spoofing website. Some of the frank call websites are available for free while some are premium and you have to pay the money.


The call is connected over the internet with the different number and the receiver can’t understand who you are you can play a fun trick on them.

How it works??

After seeing all this do have a doubt about how the free caller id spoofing work? Then here is the answer for that. Caller id spoofing mainly uses two types of services they are VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and PBX (public box telephone exchange) software such as Asterisk. Voice over protocol is nothing but the call over the internet rather than the cellular network. In this the phone produces the analog signals is taken and converted into digital signals by using a technology called the FSK (frequency shift keying) and then sent over the internet.


Now a day’s people looking for the low cost when compared to normal phones. So this technology became more and more famous day by day. PBX is a public branch exchange. It is the public system of the telephones in a small area such with a company or with in a small region etc. the software used here is the PBX software which allows you to design the internal features of the phone and it handle how the outgoing calls comes along the slew of other features. And later with few tricks you can change what the outgoing number appeared on the receiver screen so it the receiver receives the other number.

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