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Hamsters are small furry, cuddly rodents that are kept as house pets. Their affable nature is the reason why they have become increasingly popular as household pets. They can be distinguished easily from other rodents due to their noticeable traits such as: short tails, stubby legs, and tiny ears. Hamsters have a variety of colors like Grey, black, white, red, and a mixture of other colors. If you are thinking of getting a hamster then the kind of cage you buy makes a huge difference. This article talks about good hamster cages that you can buy for your furry friend, read on to find out more.

Temporary cage vs permanent cage:

If you have baby Hamsters, then a small cage would do. But the problem is that Hamsters grow very fast, and are capable of leaving their mothers in just four weeks. So, it makes sense if you invest in a proper cage from the start. However, if you do possess a small cage then you can use it as a travel cage or when you are cleaning the main cage.Cages are very important for a Hamster’s well-being as it needs a good environment for its growth. So invest wisely!

Here are some good hamster cages you can look up.

  1. Zilla 20 gallon cage for small animals
  2. Kaytee my first home for pet rats
  3. Marchioro Goran 82 for small animals
  4. Marchioro Igor 62
  5. Homemade Storage bin( can be used for many Hamsters)

An important thing to consider is the size of the cage. It’s always recommended that you buy a spacious cage. There are many reasons for that –big cages don’t get dirty easily which means the waste does not build up, which is otherwise very harmful for the hamster.

Also,small cages tend to induce behavioral changes in hamster such as agitation, and compulsive behavior like chewing the bars. This was everything about buying good hamster cages, happy shopping!

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