Have You Heard Of Strongest Weed In The World?

Strongest strains are definitely the ones which are able to gain very high THC levels. If you are able to grow a stain with more than 20% THC level, definitely you have a potent strain. We are here to mention some of the finest strains which have earned the title for strongest weed in the world in last few years. You must go through the shared information carefully as here you will find many interesting weeds which will definitely amaze you out with very high THC levels.


  • We would like to start with Girl Scout cookies which have created plenty of excitement among marijuana lovers. You will find very strong genetics in this weeds which allow you to enjoy nearly 28% THC. Even when environmental conditions are not great, still the average THC percent is close to 17 which are very impressive. It is mainly due to strong genetics as well as modern cultivation techniques which allow marijuana lovers to enjoy a perfect strong weed. With you consume Girl Scout Cookies you are bound to enjoy an incredible wave of blissful euphoria. Your body and mind will go through warm relaxation and it will definitely last for some hours. It would not be hard to state Girl Scout Cookies as a strongest weed in the world which has offered immense pleasure to marijuana lovers.
  • It is worth to mention Kosher Kush at the second position. The world was blessed with this weed in 2010 and it has been able to win Cannabis cup awards ever since. Genetic background of Kosher Kush is still not clear but this genetics have been able to deliver constant 20% THC level. The weed is surely not suited for the newcomers as they will really find it very hard to tackle. For experienced guys, finding any other better option than Kosher Kush is a pretty daunting task.


  • Third perfect contender for strongest weed in the world is Bruce Banner. The weed is heavy-duty hybrid one which can easily achieve 29 percent THC level. The weed has already been able to gain the award of strongest stain in 2014. The award was given by High Times. Without any doubt, Bruce Banner has earned a huge amount of reputation in very short time. According to the experts, the weed has the genetics of OG Kush and Strawberry genetic. Bruce Banner has the potential to deliver a strong punch of euphoria which will easily anchor your body with some deep relaxation. Just be careful as a newcomer you need to avoid the weed by all means.

Marijuana lovers have a lot more to gain about strongest strains but the ones mentioned here are truly remarkable and strong contenders of Cannabis Cups. If you think of using these weeds, you must be prepared for a deep relaxation punch to your body and mind. For sure, you will not be disappointed a bit and these weeds will rise to your expectations with ease.

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