Why You Should Include Carrageenan In Your Diet?

Carrageenan is a water soluble fiber which is commonly used in a number of food products to thicken it. While it has been used for a long time, Carrageenan has recently been under the scanner after a few people raised their doubts about the various Carrageenan dangers. However after investigation it was proved that Carrageenan when used in its pure from has no known side effects. The fiber even got a ‘GRAS’ from the FDA which confirms that it is safe to consume.  One of the main reasons Carrageenan was under the scanner is because a number of food industries began to combine it with chemicals in order to cut down on costs. 002_carrageenan

Carrageenan is a natural substance which is safe to consume, however when combined with chemicals and fillers it can prove to be harmful to the body. This is why it is always important to read the label of the products you plan on buying to confirm what ingredients have got into it. This helps you pick products that are safe to consume.

Carrageenan adds to the nutritional value of foods in addition to making the food look a lot more appealing. Carrageenan is known to reduce the fat content in any food product that it has been added to. While people feel that this may affect the taste of the food they are wrong. If anything Carrageenan adds to the flavor of the food. For example low fat yoghurt does not taste that great. With the addition of Carrageenan there is a nice creamy texture that gets added making low fat yoghurt also taste amazing.carrageenan-kid

Keeping in mind all the health and nutritional benefits of Carrageenan, it is very difficult to keep it out of your daily diet for long.

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