Legalizing Getting High on Weed

Marijuana has been a product of recreation as well as abuse. The existence of marijuana always indulged in conflict, ban, cross country smuggling and government empathy. United states have legalized weed (marijuana) in various states. Actually they have stated the reason that the cost of incarceration is huge and that’s why they have legalised marijuana upto a certain limit. But marijuana is still exploited largely not because of medicinal or recreational reason but because of addiction. So let’s see which states have legalized weed and marijuana in the United States? Not only in the United States, in fact, several other countries too have legalized marijuana.

Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington have legalized the use of marijuana under recreational activities. The natural usage is derived from its herbal and natural qualities. It is actually used as steroids in relieving pain. Few more states have legalised weed or marijuana under medicinal purposes. hi-marijuana-washington-852

There are more than 20 states where weeds are legalised upto a permissible limit. Persons and organizations need to declare the exact reason for marijuana use to the government. Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Denver and Washington are some of the states where marijuana is legalised for medicinal purposes. Especially for the treatment of cancer and other terminal diseases, marijuana is recommended for its quality of numbing the nervous system and relieving the pain. District of Columbia has decriminalized marijuana for recreational activities and permitted possession of upto two ounces of cannabis and six plant. However pot acquiring is not permitted there.maxresdefault-702x336

Now, the question is why do we need to really get entangled in this legal battle? When marijuana has got so many usages, why do we really need to indulge in crackdown, confiscation and ban? It is because marijuana is highly used for addiction and drug abuse is on a rise. People illegally buy weed and indulge in unfair consumption which lead to health side effect, creating social vile and abuse. The United States is very vulnerable to cross border smuggling of marijuana from neighbouring countries.

Though few stalwarts such as Bob Marley and other stars have heavily appreciated the importance of marijuana in their life, it still remains a debatable topic. Marijuana abuse is especially prevalent among youths and teenagers. Though governments always keep a check on the substance abuse, legalizing weed is a positive step towards general awareness about the importance of weed and curb the abuse. The heavy cost of incarceration drove the government to decriminalize weed.

But marijuana has always been a sought after product in the illegal market for a long time and it is surely going to keep the office bearers on their toes. So the legalization process is still conflicting. Not only in the USA, there are various countries that have legalized marijuana. So, all depends on the ethics of the people and the government’s capability to keep a check on the legal distribution of marijuana. Awareness is the key and if the awareness is done properly, people will surely not abuse marijuana.

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