Let Your Child Experience The 3d Printer Mechanism

Does your child still looks for printing stores for creating 3D handouts? Well, now that’s not right when you are living in such an advanced technological world full of great possibilities. Whatever your child designs on the computer, it can easily appear on paper in just few seconds with the newly invented play-doh 3d printer. This printer is indeed a great introduction to the printing world with extremely incredible features. Let’s know everything about this entry-level 3D printer.

An Introduction

Play-doh 3dprinter has brought about an extraordinary revolution in the printing domain. An entry-level 3D printer prints any type of design on paper in just few seconds that looks real on paper. The printer allows kids to print their own designed creations on paper with high color quality and graphics. The device is loaded with extraordinary features that will push you to buy it for your kid. It lets you experience the whole new way of printing at home and will give you an astonishing experience of seeing your kids own created designs appearing on paper.


Powers of the device

  1. It is the most powerful 3D printer available in the market.
  2. It is safe for kids as it uses Play-Doh as a medium for printing 3d objects.
  3. It allows kids create 3D objects and print them in 3 Dimensional view to give exactly a real look.
  4. It works on 2C batteries so it doesn’t consume any electricity.
  5. With this printer, you can blend and print minimum of 3 colors together.
  6. Another important feature of the printer is that it can connect to iPad. This pick is a great as it lets its users print easily and quickly.
  7. Since it is a 3D printer, it provides several materials that can be reused or re-shaped once made. Materials like plasticine, modeling clay are used to create #d objects. This feature is a new addition in the 3D printer.
  8. This at-home DIY 3D printer can crop beautiful designs that can be reused again and again for the next design.
  9. The printer is very safe for children, as it doesn’t heat up to high temperatures as other printers do.

3D dimensions

Let’s talk of price

Apart from other mentioned characteristics, Play-Doh also consists of various parts that include characters, printing head, conveyor belt, plastic knife, 3 2oz cans of play-Doh and a manual guide for help. After knowing about this printer, you might be thinking about its cost. So let me also tell you about it price. The product is priced at an unbelievable cost that will not upset you instead the price will fit in your pockets. It is the most economical 3d printer available in the market with so many exciting features that will surely be a benefit for your kids designing activity. Using this printer you will learn many skills such as designing skills, printing skills, and many other talents. Just pay the price and gift it to your kid. Get more information on this product on Consumers choice reviews.

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