A Letter For Your Emotional Support Dog

A lot of people in our society today are either suffering from a mental or emotional disorder. However, these types of disorders can be treated or alleviated through emotional support that could be provided by humans or even animals. The usual emotional support that is prescribed by licensed mental health professionals is emotional support animal specifically dogs. But in order to have an emotional support dog letter, a patient must first be evaluated.

Disabilities That Can Qualify for an Emotional Support Dog


The main disabilities that can qualify a patient to have an emotional support dog are mental and emotional disabilities. It has been studied and observed that dogs can help patients with depression, panic disorders, post-traumatic disorder and other disabilities and disorders. If a patient has any of these then a mental health professional can give a letter or prescription in order for the patient to acquire an emotional support dog or make the patient’s pet an emotional support animal.

Emotional Support Dog Letter

This is an official document from a licensed mental health professional that states that you as a patient is under the jurisdiction of the said professional. It also states what type of disability you have and what your limitations are because of the said disability. And finally, it provides proof that you need an emotion support dog for the betterment of your mental health.


Benefits of an Emotional Support Dog Letter

There are many benefits if you have an emotional support dog letter. An example of this is being able to fly with your dog in an aircraft without having to put your dog into the baggage holding. Another is being able to live in no-pet housings. You just need to present the letter to qualify for these.

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