Meals Available At Sun Basket

A lot of you might have already heard of Sun Basket and how they can deliver the freshest ingredients for the most amazing healthy meals. Don’t let the word healthy put you off, not because the food is healthy doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. Most of the time, it’s really the freshness and taste of the ingredients that give life to a meal; as the saying goes ‘nothing beats a home cooked meal’, that’s why you’re not all that satisfied with instant noodles. There various kinds of Sun Basket meals to choose from, you basically have to subscribe, choose and wait for the quick delivery.


Just a heads up though, the proportions of the ingredients are just enough for the preparation of the meal in which they were assigned to. This is actually quite practical since you’re not forced to horde the extra ingredients and not really know what to do with them until you forget that they’re actually there. As far as the general categories of recipes that they offer, read on ahead to find out more about what you can pick.

Paleolithic Diets

When we talk about Paleolithic diets, it means the paleo kind of approach to dietary schedules which are enhanced in order to meet the busy, everyday life of a customer. It’s basically a low-carb, fiber or protein packed, grain and gluten free meal.

In Paleolithic diets, the Sun Basket meal would typically hold off all the dairy, excess salt, legumes, grains and any refined sugar or even sugar substitute. Meals would consist of nuts, seeds, organic vegetables, a little bit of fruit, grass-fed meat, tallow, eggs, honey, coconut oil and such.

Gluten-Free Diet

So, what is gluten anyway? Gluten is a protein found in wheat or any related grain and most of the processed foods. Gluten can be the cause of various reactions in the digestive system from slight discomfort to a few serious diseases. Also, there are people who are actually allergic to gluten, consult your medical doctor for any allergy to gluten. Some foods that contain gluten:


  • Grains – wheat, barley, farina, semolina, triticale, bulgur, rye and wheat germ.
  • Added seasonings or ingredients – sauces that were processed, salad dressing, veggie burgers, malt products, french fries and condiments.

Vegetarian Diets

It’s quite obvious what vegetarian diets contain, but just to clear the air, vegetarians don’t eat any kind of meat, poultry or even seafood and anything that doesn’t fall under these three categories are okay to eat. Also, being vegetarian and vegan are two very different things. The former is explained above, while the latter is a person who doesn’t eat any kind of meat or animal product; meats, eggs, milk, cheese and the like. We also have pescatarians, they don’t go for any meat or poultry but they do eat fish or seafood unlike the first two. Don’t worry, if you’re any of the three since Sun Basket offers recipes that are fitting for everyone with any kind of diet restrictions.

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