Do Phenq Pills Work?

Obesity is getting such a serious problem in the world and there are a millions of people in the world suffering from the world and why shouldn’t it be, when there standard burger, French fries and coke meal comes for around $3 and a box of 3 apples comes for $5. Though slowly right people are losing their bad junk food habit and are moving towards a healthy lifestyle because we all want to look perfect, exactly like our favourite celebrity whom we see on television, social networking website, in the papers too, basically everywhere! So we are pretty much obsessed about our own bodies and want to look good and feel good about our body which will make us standout in public.

The first part about getting a good body is losing our excess fat which has formed layers in our stomach. There are so many diet programs online and nowadays every locality has a gym where you can go and workout but most of us lose our motivation when we don’t get any quick results. This is the toughest part and we need to stick to our regime for the first three weeks at least because after that we get used to it. There are a lot of supplements though in the market which will speed up our fat loss process like fat burners and one such fat burner is called PhenQ. We are going to tell you everything that is there to know about this pill so that you can decide for yourself.



PhenQ pills were launched in 2015, and it is supposed to reduce your body weight, curb your thirst for food, stop fat from getting collected again and also enhances mood and gives you energy. You can order it from their website and the pill will cost you around $70 and the pill also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee which is pretty impressive. One box has 60 capsules and you are supposed to have one capsule in the morning and one at lunch. Remember, to not take the pill after lunch because then you might have problem sleeping.

PhenQ has promised us that this pill is made with only organic elements with a team of doctors and experts in fitness and diet. Even though the pill is completely organic, the website tells you to once refer to a doctor because fat loss pills have adverse effect on people who are already on medication as this might react with the other medicines that you are having. So it’s advisable for pregnant mothers or those who are suffering from diabetes to stay away from the pill.


These pills don’t just help you melt your fat but also reduces your craving for hunger s that you don’t crunch on snacks that are full of carbohydrates and fat all day, which stops fat from being stored in the body. Sometimes when we diet, it leads us to being erratic and we get pissed at anything possible and end up eating way much more than we are supposed so instead of losing weight, we gain more weight but this doesn’t happen in this case as this pill enhances our mood and gives us a lot of energy so that we don’t feel empty after working for some time.

We have results from a woman who tried the pill because she couldn’t lose fat and was trying to lose fat from a long time and she insists that her life changed when she came across this pill as she was able to lose about 48 pounds of weight in just three months. She gives us a very detailed routine about all the things that she did. She used to take the pill in the morning and she has said that after taking this pill she used to feel very energetic and didn’t feel like eating anything until lunch and over this she used to even finish her work faster.

She used to even workout in the morning after taking the pills just for half an hour just to boost her fat loss. She said that she started feeling more energetic and happy, and even more confident about herself. And the pill did wonders to her, she slimmed down a lot and she could anything that she ever wanted to wear and now that she has slimmed down she takes the pill only every second day so that she can maintain her figure. She did say that PhenQ results in headaches while taking this pill which most probably was due to the low sugar content in her blood.


The pills contain Calcium Carbonate, caffeine and capsimax powder which increases your metabolism and gives you a boost of energy. Other than this the pills also contain Chromium Picolinate, L-Carnitine Furmarate and Nopal which also boosts your metabolism and boosts your cravings.

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