Play Nintendo 3DS Games in your iPad or iPhone

The past decade has seen the highest number of technological advancements. And as a result, the Nintendo handheld consoles that weren’t really innovated like a very long time ago are now rendered to be pointless and mostly useless. However, the young fellas that used to be the main consumer for these Nintendo gaming machines have now turned into adult citizens but have they stopped missing the games? Apparently not, because the download number of the emulator 3ds are quite good in number. People in their early 30s are mostly installed such emulators in their smartphones and tablets and utilize their idle hours in office or in-between commuting stoppages. nintendo-3ds-emulator

If you want to get an emulator 3ds for your iPhone or iPad, then bear with us through the article.

Is Jailbreak Needed?

Depends on which emulator 3ds you are trying to download. Number of emulators aren’t too many in iOS platform, and the available ones mostly require a jailbroken iOS platform. However, jailbreaking an iOS device isn’t a very smart move because security vulnerabilities might open up when access to the core files of iOS is provided. Apart from that, jailbreaking isn’t legal either. If you mess up your iPhone or iPad during the process no one would take the responsibility to fix it. You’re on your own!001_maxresdefault

Few Recommended Emulators

You might go through the selection of available 3ds emulators in various third party Apple software providing website. ‘iEmulators’ provides a 3ds emulator named ‘nds4ios’ which could be installed on any iOS device and the certificate is accepted by Apple, thus no jailbreak is needed as of yet. However, adding the ROM files isn’t as easy as desktop emulators for Nintendo 3ds. One can’t just copy the files to an iPhone’s storage and open them through the installed emulator in their iOS device. Instead, the files must be kept into a cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox and the folder would act as the server for this emulator. That’s not very difficult, but having an easier workaround would have felt much better.

How to Install an Emulator for Nintendo 3DS

If you plan on using nds4ios emulator as we have mentioned, you have to do the following.

  • Using the Safari browser on your iOS device, visit
  • The page will load soon, find the Install button in the top right corner of the page. The button has to be tapped twice.
  • The app will download. Once the process finishes, go to Settings> General> Device Management and make the Guangdong app trusted.
  • If your iOS version is below iOS 9.2, you would find the new app in General> Profiles.
  • Once you trust the app, the installation will complete.

How to Install Games

  • Connect your iOS device to computer using iTunes.
  • Using the File Sharing option in iOS, select nds4ios and drag & drop the files with .nds format which are essentially the ROM files for your emulator.
  • The same procedure might be done by simply putting the files in a Dropbox folder.


If you want to play old school Nintendo games in your Apple device using emulators, these are the ways to go.

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