Rise Higher With The Strength Training Program

Is it really possible to get to jump higher in the game that you love? Yes, indeed! With the help of the program that we are going to talk about you can watch out for the higher rise in your jump strategy. If you wish to rise higher to the level up to 15 inches then there are some factors which are needed to be considered.

The program of vert shock entails everything that makes you jump to the levels that you have always wanted. To give you a clear insight of the program we have come with the vert shock review which has got enough for you to make you rise higher.


Why this may work for you?

You need to build up your muscles in the right way so that you are able to make high jumps without hurting them. The program of vert shock works on the principle which is aimed at making your base muscles stronger. Your jumps can be really powerful when you are training your muscles in the right way.

You can get your jumps miraculously enhanced when you are going for the ploymetric training to enhance your leg muscles.

Phases of the program


There are various phases in the vert shock which make you have the sky-high jump so do check out each one of them:

  • Pre-shock phase: In the first 7 days of the program, you can get 5-6 inches of jump hike.
  • Long shock phase: The second phase lasts up to 6 weeks strengthening the core muscles.
  • Post-shock phase: In the last phase, the muscles get strengthened and that forms a very strong basis for gaining the strength that is required to make the high jumps.

You get to have the complete stock of the step you need to follow in the program through the book and the CD.

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