Telling Who Is A Smurf In LOL

It is important that before you start thinking about how to buy lol account, you have to learn the language used by summoners when they are on the field of justice. If you are playing the game and then you notice that a player is better than everyone else, the chances that they are a Smurf are very high. So how do you tell if a player is a Smurf or not? There are those players who like bragging how long they have been playing and how they are in Diamond league. These are the players who end up feeding all games, thus making it hard to tell a Smurf in LoL

They Have the Most kills

Those players in LoL who are experienced and who are in the league of legends understand when to play defensive and when to go for a kill. In LoL, Smurfs are usually the best players and they tend to understand the champion very well, making them be able to kill at will. The Smurf tends to put more pressure on the enemy when they are playing in the same lane and make sure that they punish them for their mistakes. In case you have this feeling that your opponent is poking you too much or even constantly punishing you, then they are Smurfs.

The Use of Wards

When playing the game on thelower level, it is very hard to know that wards exist and the players at this level would rather save up the extra gold in order to buy Home guard boots than going for Wards. When it comes to more skilled players, they do understand the value of the Wards and they make sure that their map is well warded.

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