Types Of Business Telephone System To Trek The Business Higher

Business telephone system is important to give your business an exposure to the world and helps you be in contact with people who can expand your business. This exposure is the key to maintain the success. Business telephone systems are decided by analysing the factors like cost, reliability, level of service, calling feature, easy to use any many other factors. A number of companies claims to offer these services like x8, AT&T, Avaya, Cisco, Fonality, Grasshopper, Jive, Mitel, Nextiva, Ooma Office and many more you can analyse according to your uses and choose the one in your budget.

The different type of business telephone system are

Virtual phone systems

It is the modern day business telephone system with no extra wires, software or hardware. All you have to do is just pick a number and then add your business greeting to it so that the caller can get a good feel of professionalism like “THANK YOU FOR CALLING XYZ COMPANY”. The next step is add employees and departments by giving each of them a separate code number to make calls easy. Then start with the calls. You also have the option to pick the phone or get the call recorded and ask the recorded message to get as a mail or as a fax. All these you can enjoy at any place and anytime.



This is most traditional business telephone system. The landline service is provided by the regional or local phone company connected with the copper wires. It is comparatively costly to the other business phone system. Useful for large IT companies who have big budgets to pay the cost. For call transfers and other phone features you need to install the PBX hardware system and maintain it.

VoIP systems

The best feature of VoIP business telephone system is that it provides a feature to access all the business calls through you mobile phones. It is better option to choose between Landline and VoIP. Its uses the network of your internet service and no need of copper wires. If you want a phone connection with reasonable cost as well as classy then you can choose VoIP.

Self-hosted VoIP systems

It is self-hosted system which is premises based and can be used inside the premises only. It also uses the PBX hardware to allow call switching. The benefit is you always have the control on your services. You always need a person who can maintain it and take care of it. It is again cost while paying the bill.


Cloud-based VoIP systems

The cloud-based VoIP system has no maintenance or hardware issues. The service provider takes care of all the things they maintain all the activities with the PBX hardware. The payment mode is really simple and the easy one. But if the problem arises you need to sit back and wait for the provider to sort it out. You can do nothing about it. It is again easy to use just like the virtual phone system and the add on features makes it even more better.

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